Areas of Practice

The representation of an attorney committed to helping you reach your goals is the key to handling legal matters successfully.

The Law Office of Albert Unger LLC represents it’s clients – individuals and small businesses – throughout the State of Connecticut in the following areas…


Family Law

Family Law is the area of law regarding and related to family and domestic partnerships and relationships. The Law Office of Albert Unger LLC represents clients in such family law matters as:

  • Divorce Litigation & Mediation
  • Child Visitation
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Adoption/Termination of Parental Rights
  • Property Division
  • Post Judgement Modification
  • Pre-Litigation Consultations
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Child Abuse/Neglect (DCF)



Criminal Law

The Law Office of Albert Unger LLC represents clients in criminal law matters in State and Federal Court in Connecticut such as:

  • Adult & Juvenile Defense (General)
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI Representation
  • Motor Vehicle Offenses
  • Victims Rights/Advocacy



Real Estate Law

The Law Office of Albert Unger LLC represent clients in real estate law matters such as:

  • Residential & Commercial Transactions & Litigation
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes (Commercial & Residential)
  • Property Rights & Boundary Disputes
  • Refinancing & Modifications
  • Condo Creation & Board Representation
  • Construction & Home Improvement Law (Consumer & Commercial)
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Short Sales
  • Lien Issues


Employment Law

Employment Law – sometimes referred to as labor law – is the area of law pertaining to the rules and regulations governing the employer/employee relationship. The Law Office of Albert Unger LLC represents employers and employees in such employment law matters as:

  • Employee Discrimination
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Whistle-Blower Issues
  • Unjust Termination
  • FamilyMedical Leave
  • Fair Wages
  • Employment Contract Review
  • Negotiation of Severance
  • Hiring and Termination
  • Contract Drafting/Review


Commercial Law
  • General Small Business Representation
  • Transaction Oriented & Litigation Matters
  • Business Formation/Dissolution
  • Purchases & Sales
  • Leases
  • Collections Litigation

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